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Upgrade Your Home's Comfort with triple-pane windows!

Looking to make your home cozier and quieter? Check out our Triple Pane Windows Services. At Rex Roofing Co. Of Stamford, Inc., we specialize in installing triple-pane windows that redefine your living experience. Say goodbye to drafts, noise, and high energy bills with our top-of-the-line triple-pane windows designed to provide exceptional insulation and soundproofing. Our experts ensure a seamless installation process, customizing each window to fit your home perfectly. With triple pane windows from Rex Roofing Co. Of Stamford, Inc., you’ll not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal but also enjoy unparalleled comfort and energy savings year-round. Contact us and take the first step towards a brighter, more comfortable future.

Start and finish date provided

We've got you covered with clear project timelines from start to finish, ensuring seamless scheduling throughout. Trust in our commitment to transparency.

Lifetime warranty on labor for as long as you live in your home

Enjoy lifetime peace of mind with our labor warranty, this ensures protection for as long as you call your home yours. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Rubberized shingle that won't crack, delaminate, buckle or curl

Experience the ultimate in durability with our rubberized shingles—say farewell to cracks, delamination, and curling. Trust in our premium materials for lasting reliability.

Save Money, Cut Emissions: ENERGY STAR Windows

Investing in ENERGY STAR-certified triple-pane windows not only lowers your energy expenses but also minimizes your carbon footprint. Embracing these advanced windows promises significant savings on utility bills while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.