Gutters are highly important in keeping your home safe and well-maintained. When they are clogged or broken, your home might be at risk for water damage or even disease due to standing water. If you are looking to have new gutters installed, or Leaf Guards, or gutter repair services, or anything else, the team at Rex Roofing is happy to perform all of your gutter services.

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Copper Cat FAQ

Why do I get algae on my roof?

Algae thrive on shingles because of the limestone which is composed of mostly calcium carbonate which is how algae grow.  When it is paired with moisture &/or humidity, that's where algae thrive.

Why do I need Copper Cat if I have a manufacturer's warranty on algae staining?
Warranties on algae staining can be very limited. 
The warranty usually only covers blue-green Algae or Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa magma.  No other algae types are covered. 

How do algae harm my roof?
 When algae are able to grow, it can cause your shingles to deteriorate.  
The roof can become less reflective which will cause more heat to enter your home.

Can I have my roof pressure washed to remove the algae?
No, by having your roof power washed, this will actually weaken your shingles and could cause additional damage to your roof.  Power washing your roof is only a temporary solution as the algae will return. 

Will Copper Cat void my manufacturer's warranty?
 This should not void your warranty however it's best to check with your manufacturer to confirm.  Copper Cat strips are 99.9% pure grade copper.  Copper is a "non-corroding metal" therefore reinforcing your roofing system.

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